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If the toddler needs help, parents can pick up the second remote and take control of the game. They can then view the progress of their child and even set a timer and save the games, select difficult levels. The controls are very user friendly and just need a tilt or a shake of the remote. Early Educational Skills Sesame Street ABC and 123 are among the popular educational games created by CBS Learning systems. This was specifically targeted at children between the ages of three and six. The 123 game features several games, such as magic shapes and simple math games. Children can learn several skills through these games and use them later on in life.

The educational content of the games are great, as they help children develop excellent skills in math and science and the child gets exposed to different cultures by the media of music and dance combined with languages.

Early educational skills, such as numbers and letters as well as patterns and colors are taught to children, so that it arouses their curiosity about the world around them. Episodes center on alphabets, phonics skills as well as relationships. Many of the games also encourage running and playing or stretching, dancing and so on. Some teach children about nutrition and healthy habits, such as brushing their teeth, covering their nose with a tissue while sneezing and so on. Positive MessagesMany of the Sesame Street games deal with emotions, such as worries, missing a friend and so on, but the message sent out through the Sesame Street Games are positive and very self-affirming for children. Sometimes, the characters could be considered a bit irreverent, such as the Muppet characters. However, they are fun for even older people to watch. The curriculum is continuously evolving and informs children on matters of healthy eating and taking care of the planet as well.

All of these are excellently blended with music and dance.Setting a Gold Standard The Sesame Street show has been going on for decades and is still the gold standard for preschoolers, as it incorporates both educational and social skills through entertainment. After watching the show, families can talk about the episode and what their children learnt from them.

It gives them several creative ideas for playing and activities. A lot of focus is centered on teaching letters, numbers, science as well as conservation. Sesame Street has taught children in this way for generations and today they can play Sesame Street Games as well.

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